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Executive Partner Program

Executive Partner Program

Proven industry executives who help identify, evaluate and enhance portfolio companies.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

An advisory board comprising distinguished executives from Apta Capital’s target industries.


Doug Rauch, Executive Partner

Doug Rauch Doug Rauch spent 31 years with Trader Joe's Company and played a pivotal role in their growth from a small, 17-store chain in Southern California, to a nationally acclaimed retail success story with more than 325 stores in 27 states. Key highlights include:

  • Developed their prized buying philosophy, created their unique private label food program, and championed their customer experience focus and their successful personal leadership program called Trader Joe's University.
  • After successfully establishing the business in 17 states as President of Trader Joe's East from 1995 to 2005, he became President of Trader Joe’s nationally, directing all of their new store growth, as well as Buying and Product Development.

Doug was previously Vice President and General Manager of Erewhon Natural Foods, the Boston-based pioneering natural foods company started by Paul Hawkin, and continues to maintain strong relationships in the natural products retail channel.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Ability to drive rapid growth while achieving best-in-class profitability
  • Development of highly productive and motivated executive teams
  • Retail real estate strategy, site selection, store design and construction
  • Product development, branding, merchandising, and portfolio management
  • Strategic sourcing from multiple countries