The Apta Capital Team

Investment Professionals


Investment professionals and operating executives with experience growing, leading, advising, and investing in successful companies.

Executive Partner Program

Executive Partner Program

Proven industry executives who help identify, evaluate and enhance portfolio companies.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

An advisory board comprising distinguished executives from Apta Capital’s target industries.

Advisory Board

John Addeo

Insurance industry veteran who led two very successful consolidations of middle-market property and casualty brokerages, the most recent of which was sold to Blackstone for $1.1 billion.

Gordon Macomber

Information services industry leader, skilled in transforming businesses through the application of new technologies and the use of customer-centric business models. Former CEO at Wolters Kluwer Health, Professional & Education, and has led organizations within Thomson, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Simon & Schuster.

John Sheppard

Beverage industry leader with significant experience driving profitable growth. Former Executive Partner at Emigrant Capital. Was CEO of Cott Corporation, the world’s largest private label soft drink manufacturer. Former President of Coca-Cola Europe.

Pete Slosberg

Founded Pete’s Brewing Company, known for Pete’s Wicked Ale, which became a $70 million publicly held company at its height, and was sold to Texas-based Gambrinus. An accomplished tech industry executive (Xerox, ROLM and IBM), Pete is best known for his success in taking his passion for beer from a kitchen hobby to a successful national brand, inspiring legions of entrepreneurs along the way.